Bitcoin Regulatory Capture

Ugly Old Goat
2 min readApr 19, 2024

How To Enjoy Bitcoin without the Clown Shows ETF’s and IRA’s

This video explains regulatory capture

Two generations ago in his classic, The Money Mirage E. C. Harwood outlined the three greatest swindles of all time as The Inflating Swindle, The Social Security Swindle, and The S.E.C. Swindle.

These swindles are far greater than anything we have seen in the Bitcoin World like FTX.

In modern lingo, these three greatest swindles of all time can be updated as The Inflating Swindle, The Entitlement Swindle, and The Regulatory Swindle.

The Harwood One Ounce Gold Piece

Sadly, 2023 has been highlighted as the year of Bitcoin IRA which turn an unconfiscatable asset into a confiscatable asset through regulatory capture.

Even worse 2024 has been highlighted by the introduction of Bitcoin ETF’s. Josef Tetek argues ETF’s will be even worse than centralized exchanges concluding that “the only adoption that actually matters involves self-custody — everything else is a trap.”

This author has come to the same conclusion and awarded the latest Bitcoin Standard Bearer Staff to The Ghost of Bitcoin as no human was worthy.

Ugly Old Goat


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