Bitcoin IRA Is A Non-Sequitur

Ugly Old Goat
2 min readMar 14, 2023

Gong Down a Rabbit Shit Hole or How To Make Your Bitcoin Confiscatable

It amazes me how easily sound money advocates get the cart before the horse and somehow believe the ends justify the means for sound money. We are all subject to the cards we are dealt, but we are not required to play the hand.

Just as Peter Schiff has no basis to complain by joining his hip to the legacy banking system, those who put their only unconfiscatable asset in a legacy-retirement system have no right to complain if it is seized.

Bitcoin Security is always a matter of trade-offs. I get that. No doubt promotors of this retirement account mindset will win this battle. They may even believe they are a Trojan Horse. But strategy trumps tactics.