THE VIRGIN TRADE . . . and Reflection on Immigration

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I am really bad at languages. I have lived in Mexico for 9 years now and still barely know the language. My background is German. My father was born in 1913 and his parents only spoke German until he was five years old.

His grandfather (my great grandfather)immigrated after the Civil War, got as far as Illinois . . . got in a fight with several Irishmen . . . whooped their asses and had to flee cause the rest of the town was out to kill him in revenge.

Got as far as Falls City, Nebraska where he had one shittin nickel in his pocket and went to work as a farm hand. . . was eventually able purchase a team of horses and hired himself out with his team, homestead a farm, got married, ignored a draft notice from Bismark, begot 13 children and left each one with a 100 acres before he passed on.

Lutheran Church Near Falls City, Nebraska

A fairly typical story for successful new pioneers in the great American frontier. What is long forgotten is that German immigrants retained their native language and had no desire to change it! The anchor was the German Lutheran church. Essentially the German Lutheran’s had a separate and far-reaching unique culture in the United States and had little desire to change it!

But the Great War broke out along with great animosities toward Germans and the German Lutheran Church was ordered by the state of Nebraska to change their liturgy to English. Being the good Germans they were, the church complied with the state. . . but also challenged the order in the courts. . . and won!

But the damage was done and over the next few decades the German community was unfairly lumped into the meme of second class WASPS. . . German Lutherans lost their unique identity!

Now think about that! The United States Supreme Court ruled that free speech includes speaking any language! And this was long before there were widespread entitlement programs. . . so entitlements cannot be denied due to language!

It was the German constitutional challenge that paved much of our current immigration policies and protects Mexican, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans and all nationalities to retain their native language and cultures. It is also this challenge that protects Jews to use Hebrew and Muslim’s to use Arabic in their liturgy!. . . and it is this precedent that will likely be very important for bitcoin one day.

So what has any of this have to do with trading bitcoin? . . . Very little!

You see, successful trading has little to do with the tools you use and has everything to do with money management. . . so I am looking at the action this week. . . and their is none!

There is no reason why not have a bit of fun. . . so I decided to call this one The Virgin Trade . . . and frankly the analogy is not a bad one!

We are in a very tight range. . . and it just keeps getting tighter. . . which way will it go? . . . I have no clue . . . . but the way I measure trends . . . I favor the upside . . . I am lightly long . . . and as far as risk. . . it is clearly defined and minimal. . . and if we break this tight range . . . a decent base position is established in the event of a major move.

Now I fully realize that many technical traders consider this a no trade zone. . . I do not.

Rather, this is a great trade zone . . . and it makes little difference whether you go long or short. . . . you know my preference and my position. . . but whichever way you go the key here is a major move is likely coming. . . . and if not, so what? Long time sideways makes it all the better.

If I am right I have a great position . . . a VIRGIN POSITION. . . one that I start with slowly, treat kindly and with the Lord’s blessing build into a new relationship. . . something I have done many times . . . but never so publicly. And if you are short and turn out to be right the same is true.

So let’s have some fun and see how it goes!

I haven’t had time to watch the Tone Vays, Willy Woo, and Venzen series but I am sure its worthwhile. They are are telling you the same things about trading in different ways. . . and while we all follow different indicators and enter different trades. . . there is one common thread . . . and it is this thread I emphasize over and over again on this blog. . . these guys are far better technicians than me. . . but until you thoroughly understand money management. . . learning technical trading is not just a waste of time . . . but an anathema . . . rather than blessing. You will get wiped out.

Venzen listens to Pink Floyd while trading . . . so I know he does things right! Stairway To Heaven also helps.

And now this last note on immigration . . . I am an ex-felon, deservedly so, and a resident in Mexico . . . and like Tone Vays seriously considering denouncing my citizenship.

Please do not get me wrong I love America, I love our Constitution, limited government, individual freedom and all that America stands for . . . but I despise our government . . . insomuch as it has forsaken these blessings . . .

While others are marching to enter . . . I have marched the other way. . . I fear no other government than my own . . . and for good reasons . . . and for reasons I recognize few Americans can comprehend.

You see when I cross the border I know that I can be seized in my person and imprisoned without bail and my family’s visas revoked. In other words, all whom I love can be taken away in a heartbeat. I know most of my reader’s cannot fathom this, but after this post it can only be due to willful ignorance.

You see since 1984 American citizens no longer have the Constitutional right from excessive bail in federal courts. You can be detained indefinitely if you are deemed a flight risk or danger to the community. . . so for the sake of my family it is time to move on.

Hope this helps,


PS: This whole article started with a silly adolescent joke that would not leave my head, “What is the German word for Virgin? . . . . . Gootantight!



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