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  1. Has the S.E.C., unwittingly, of course, served as a Swindlers’ Encouragement Commission?
  2. Did the S.E.C., unintentionally, of course, serve as a Suckers’ Entrapment Commission, by ignoring the rampant manipulation of prices for new issues in the over-the-counter market, thereby inducing confidence where there should have been skepticism?
  3. Is the whole idea of an S.E.C. a basically mistaken one in that it seeks to substitute voluminous representations of facts, accounting records, etc. for what I believe is the investor’s only practicable protection, finding wise and honest men who will safeguard his investment to the best of their ability? That the S.E.C. (and the “baby” S.E.C.’s in many States) has been a wonderful thing for the legal profession, for accountants, and for printers of prospectuses seems indisputable, but that the funds of the average investor thus have been safeguarded seems open to question.
When asked what should stamped on gold piece with his likeness E. C. Harwood replied, “FOR INTEGRITY THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE.”
This is a long session but well worth watching
Here is my wife’s new Bitmex trading account.
I picked up this excellent illustration from Joe McCann @joemccann



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Ugly Old Goat

Ugly Old Goat

Ugly Old Bitcoin Standard Bearer