The CoVid-19 Invasion Versus 1923 Invasion By France Into The Weimar Republic

Ugly Old Goat
4 min readMar 27, 2020

The Prelude to Hyper-Inflation

This article has nothing to do with the Acts of a Merciful God and everything to do with the danger of pride of sinful men expounding a pretense of knowledge.

The Corona Virus is the dominating and trending news. The world is in a panic and is a symptom of a fragile generation with little or no faith.

Infant mortality was the plague for generations at this country’s birth. In 1800 it is estimated the infant mortality rate was 43%. Abortion was a crime. Today killing babies is a protected right.

Only 160 years ago our Nation suffered the greatest war in our young history.

Tuberculosis has come and gone numerous times and was the scourge of the late 19th Century.

In 1917 my grandfather shipped overseas to fight in the War To End All Wars. Upon his return, my father nearly died from the epidemic following the war in 1918 and upon adulthood shipped out to fight a war in the Pacific.

When I was a child, we had the polio epidemic, and mother’s exposed their children to mumps, measles, and chickenpox in Kindergarten. There were no vaccinations. (The writer of this article is 71 years old and recovering from COVID-2 upon this edit of January 5, 2021, with mild flu symptoms. The most serious illness he can remember was from mumps when he was seriously ill and bedridden for two weeks with a delirious 105-degree fever and sunlight caused serious pain.)