The Coming Gold Hyper-Wave

The Why, When, and Therefore

Ugly Old Goat
18 min readJan 2, 2022


This article will likely attract the praise of boomer sound money gold bugs, who have hardened hearts against the sole digital age monetary asset innovation, Bitcoin.

Likewise, it will be greeted with scorn from the bitcoin techie crowd whether they be Bitcoin Standard Bearers (also, known as maximalists), the Crypto World Shitcoin Minimalists, or traditional Keynesians all of whom have hardened their hearts against gold adopting the Keynes mantra that gold is a “barbarous relic.”

Gold Is Viable Bitcoin Competition

Why is it that many Bitcoin Techies are opposed to gold and Old School Gold Bugs so opposed to bitcoin?

My view is that such judgments are usually tainted by self-interest leading to political implications and consequences. The classic example is from two analysts who I deeply respect, Michael Saylor and Peter Schiff.

These are two sound money advocates, yet it seems an almost impossible task for otherwise sensible bitcoin analysts to see gold as viable competition for bitcoin or for gold advocates to see bitcoin as viable competition for gold.

Bitcoin Techies tend to see gold from the Keynesian view as “a barbaric relic” while Gold Bugs seem to be unable to grasp the concept of the value imputed to bitcoin, holding to the thoroughly discredited notion of intrinsic value.

But is the debate an either-or proposition? I don’t think so. An even cursory look at scholarly material available does not allow for it.

Saifedean Ammous, the author of The Bitcoin Standard, argues that a return to the gold standard is an effective attack on bitcoin.

“With the increased volatility and the availability of a reliable and relatively stable hard money international monetary standard, the incentive for using Bitcoin drops significantly. In a world in which governments’ restrictions and inflationary tendencies are disciplined by the gold standard, it might just be the case that gold’s first-mover advantage and relative purchasing power stability would constitute an insurmountable hurdle for Bitcoin to overcome., by depriving Bitcoin of the fast growth in users and thus preventing it from reaching a large enough size with any semblance of stability in price.” (Page 250)



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