Hey, I Did Not Call A Bottom . . .

Please don’t give me credit when no credit is due.

I did not call a bottom. I simply said I covered my shorts and went long because the risk was low and profit potential high. I have no idea where the market is going. How many times must I repeat this?

REPEAT AGAIN: I have no idea where the market is going and I trade accordingly.

And please don’t ask me to broadcast every trade I make.Trading is dynamic and things happen quickly in bitcoin. I broadcast a trade and felt obligated to stay with it when ordinarily I would not. So I will not do it again.

I am here to teach, not to babysit. Moreover, I am following my own strategy. I am no longer a large trader. I have a very small account at Bitmex. Why?

Because most large traders become small traders. Most small traders remain small traders. A few small traders become large traders. The wise large traders start all over again as a small trader sayvving the difference! This is where I hope to take those who have ears.

I am doing what I am teaching. I exited over half my bitcoin starting last December and have sayvved the difference by investing in my home town. My primary focus is not trading bitcoin. There are more things to life.

A good trader can literally turn 5 bitcoin into 50 or 100 or 400 btc. I know because I have done it. Multiple times. It is not easy. It is very difficult but it can be done. I have done it multiple times in the past and I am confident I will do it in the future. There is no magic or secret formula or trading bot. (Oh, I love trading bots, but that is a topic for another day.)

What kind of trading is easy? Well, it is very easy to turn 50 or 100 or 400 btc into 5 btc. And it happens all the time. Again, read the history of super trader Jesse Livermore. A genius technical trader. Livermore made several fortunes. Lost them all and ended things with a self inflicted bullet in the head.

I have already made more than I can spend. I do not need more. I do not need to be the richest man in the cemetery. I do not need to stroke my ego.

I have a precious family and it is important I preserve my wealth without taking excessive risks. This is something Jesse Livermore and most other large traders simply do not comprehend.

I am here to teach those who have ears how to become a successful trader and after that how to sayvv your gains.

As Tone Vays says, “Hey guys, learn to trade!” He has a great website and its all free. He only charges if you attend one of his classes or if you want his random number generator which you get free with a trading class. https://tonevays.com/learntrading

Tone has been bearish and no one has called bitcoin better than Tone. He is teaching technical trading and has some great timing tools. His Random Number generator is a timing indicator that aided in entry after I sent my last tweet.

Every good trader looks at different things. I just happened to check Tone’s indicators after my last tweet and it gave confirmation on 1 hour, 2 hour and 4 hour. If you are serious about trading you must invest time and and a bit of money for the right tools. Tone’s indicator is not infallible but it is a useful tool to confirm an independent analysis.

Tone’s 1 hour
Tone’s 2 hour
Tone’s 4 hour

Again, I am here to teach you the principles of successful trading. Strategy trumps tactics. Tone emphasizes tactics. I emphasize strategy.

Hope this helps.


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