Yesterday I was so pleased that I finished three medium posts . . . quite an accomplishment while running a business and trading a decent sized BitMex account. . . .

But the reality is I failed miserably . . . .

You see my wife wondered where I was . . . why I did not pick up our 6 year old daughter from school (but delegated it to someone else) . . . why I did not pick up the racing dirt bike I purchased for our 12 year old son. . . why I did not take our daughter to gym class (again delegated to someone else). . . and why I missed both lunch and dinner with my family . . .

My answer was I was inspired . . . on a roll . . . and I need to write when the thoughts and the words flow . . . which does not happen on a fixed schedule. . . My Love, why can’t you understand this?

And then I remembered a wonderful video by Jimmy Song. . . about the four F priorities in his life . . . and how I have so deeply failed in my responsibilities.

I always suspected Jimmy Song was a Christian . . . it was evident to me from his example and consistency rather than anything I ever heard him say. And it was only after seeing this video that my suspicions were confirmed.

You see I too am a Christian . . . and share these priorities . . . and just got slammed by the woman of my life on how I am failing at every point in those things really important.

Most of my audience is not Christian . . . and the purpose of this shorty is not to evangelize. . . but simply to emphasize that while one must be focused to be a successful trader . . . if that focus gets in the way of much more important priorities. . . then the successful trading is hollow and without meaning. . . unless your goal is to be the richest man in the cemetery.

I realize now that since I started writing in April, what I have been teaching is as much for me as it is for my readers . . . and putting things down on paper makes me responsible for living the life I am writing about. . . trading is hard. . .isn’t it!

So while it seems I have something to contribute . . . it is also an awesome responsibility.

I am an Ugly Old Goat . . . but none of us are too old to learn . . . or to mend our ways . . . or in modern lingo re-invent ourselves.

What I have learned is that I really enjoy writing this medium post . . . I look forward to your responses. . . and while I also enjoy trading . . . the rewards from my readers is far greater than any monetary rewards from trading. . . and active trading of any size detracts from my priorities which includes being a responsible contributor to the sound money movement . . . to the blockchain . . . which is bitcoin.

When I started posting, I did so with the intent to stop trading until after the election cycle and simply write . . . this was my first post. . .

. . . But I was drawn back in . . . to my benefit financially but to my detriment in every other way

I have already made my bones . . . my family is provided for financially . . . I no longer need to trade except for fun . . . and only so long as it does not detract from the first priority and second priority . . . yes, dear readers, you are very important . . . but you fall in third tier after the Lord and my family.

And by getting my priorities right, the blessing is that you will be better served.

Further, it is evident that many of my readers are small bitcoin holders. . . with perhaps 1–5 bitcoin, many even less . . . and you are depending on me for guidance. . . large traders really don’t need the guidance I provide . . . in fact many probably have this down better than me.

So last night I closed out my positions except for a small BTC short perp, long Dec spread . . . .except for a 1 btc balance . . . I do not want to be the richest man in the cemetery. . . but I do want to be faithful to my Lord and I do want to daily love my wife (which is difficult for men . . . we are commanded to love our wives . . . there is no such command for wives to love their husbands) . . . and by my doing this you, too, will be better served. . . yes, I will continue to trade in a very small way . . . but my focus will be on content . . . the content will still include the principles of successful trading. . . but not the emphasis.

First on her list is this weekend is we go to some remote fishing village Saturday for business with no internet and no cell phone coverage! I was dis-invited yesterday . . . but got permission to tag along today!

As far as F Number 4 . . . just started the Carnivore diet. . . perhaps I will no longer be Ugly.





Ugly Old Bitcoin Standard Bearer

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Ugly Old Goat

Ugly Old Goat

Ugly Old Bitcoin Standard Bearer

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