A Critical Review: Thank God For Bitcoin

Ugly Old Goat
7 min readJan 25, 2021

The Creation, Corruption & Redemption of Money by Robert Breedlove, J.M. Bush, Gabe Higgins, George Mekahail, Lyle Pratt, Jimmy Song, Julia Tourianski, and Derek Waltchack

I was pleasantly surprised by a group of professing Christians who set out with the ambitious task of outlining why they are thankful for Bitcoin. It is a leap of faith and takes courage for such an undertaking, is no easy task, and hopefully, it lays the foundation for future projects.

The book is a group project with the major challenge not being so much the content but in content editing. This should be no great surprise as the authors' Christian credentials range from Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Coptic Orthodox, Southern Baptist, a missionary, Eastern Orthodox, and a follower of Jordan Peterson.

While the book is obviously aimed at professing Christians, for a secular observer, this creates major criticism. In a YouTube interview Tone Vays asked why not include 5 or 6 different religions? In reply, Jimmy Song replies, “If you accept the premise stealing is wrong the book pretty well holds its own.”

And that is where this ambitious project falls short. Nearly all major religions hold that stealing is wrong. So, which god do we thank? Allah? Hashem? Brahman? Bodhisattvas? The Unkown God? Why should we thank god at all?

Fortunately, a foundation for The Promise of Christian Economics was laid by a scholar a decade before the innovation of Bitcoin and should be revisited by professing Christian sound money advocates today. Dr. John W. Robbins went home to his Lord and Savior on August 14, 2008.