A Cautionary Warning for Bitcoiners

Institutional Bitcoin participation is not inherently bullish for bitcoin. Quite the opposite is the case.

The danger of what is being offered with bitcoin lending and other bitcoin financial products is that it is ingrown within the legacy system. Until sound commercial free-market banking lends…

This article will hopefully offend nearly everyone. If not offend, embarrass. If not embarrass, at least expose the rampant hypocrisy within all of us. I say this without malice, without judgment of any individuals.

The World Economy Is a Train Wreck

Whether by incompetence or by deliberate design the world economy is a train wreck happening in…

A Fundamental Case For 17k Bitcoin and 18k Gold

Why is it that so many avant-garde Bitcoin Techies are so opposed to gold and Old School Gold Bugs so opposed to bitcoin?

My view is that such judgments are usually tainted by self-interest leading to political implications and consequences. …

Or Where Bitcoin Fundamentalist’s Tend To Err

First, allow me to distinguish between what I consider to be bitcoin macro-fundamentals and bitcoin micro-fundamentals.

Bitcoin Macro-Fundamentals

The case for bitcoin does not come from bitcoin at all! As with all things, bitcoin has no intrinsic value. It has only imputed value.

While bitcoin…

Ugly Old Goat

Ugly Old Bitcoin Standard Bearer

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